installation of home automation systems in queanbeyan

No matter which type of home automation systems and controls you are wanting to install, or perhaps you are not sure on how to automate your property in the best way. We are the #1 electrician in Queanbeyan and Canberra for any electrical service or installation you need done around your house.

Each property is unique and there are unlimited ways in which you can automate daily tasks or improve on living environments with things like remote control light switch controllers, applications that control your smart home security and home theatre systems. Our local experts can help you with all of it.

Your Own Affordable Automated Home

It’s not a major job to setup a smart home correctly, but planning and understanding the automation systems that are available and which is most suitable for your family, lifestyle and property is important. At Queanbeyan Electricians we will guide you through the entire process. Starting with the basic automation ideas through to the installation and management of the control systems, you’ll always have support available.

Below you will find a list of the various types of installation services that we offer. You can always call 02 6109 5025 and speak with our friendly office staff about arranging a free, 100% no obligation quote.

Automatic Lighting Controls

By far the most popular and common installation jobs is lighting system controls. Not only do these allow you help set the mood when guests enter your property or certain rooms of your family house, but they are great for saving money on electrical power bills. The added level of security and safety is another great reason to consider setting up some lighting automation in your property.

From a single touch or a timer, you can create the perfect environment that feels comfortable and relaxing for everyone. Here is just a few of the features that residential lighting automation allow you to access:

Remote Light Switch via Smart Phone Apps

We will show you how installing a simple application on your android device or iPhone can allow you to control all of the lights inside or outside your property with a touch of the screen.

Setup A Schedule That Works For you

Perfect for making sure outside areas are well lit when you arrive home from the office or an event, as well as making sure all lights are turned off when they are not needed is great reason for setting up a schedule based on your daily routines.

Smart Sensors

New technology in smart homes allow for the lighting system to detect if a room is currently empty or there are people present. This is the main power saver. Imagine all money you will save when the lights in each room of your house are being turned off if the room is empty for more than 5-10 minutes.

Adjustable Dimmer Settings

Using the smart phone applications you will be able to control the brightness of each light in your property. This is great for being able to set the mood of the environment perfectly. There are some types of light bulbs which also allow you to regulate the colour of the light as well which adds a whole new level on being able to set the mood of each room in your home.

Get Your Free Quote from The Smart Home Experts

Like all our services we are happy to discuss your home automation project with you and provide a free quote before progressing with any work. You can call the office at any time on 02 6109 5025 and get started or click here to visit the homepage and see more of our services.